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Tictac-tictac — time to recalibrate with Planet Centric Design!

by the fantastic Maddastic

From short- to long-term thinking

It is in human nature to be risk-averse and reluctant to change. However, Covid-19 has shown us that people are capable of reacting and adapting quickly to ever-changing circumstances. Impulses to change mindsets and behaviours can come from the top down, such as from politics, but also from the bottom up through individual initiatives. Inserting regulations at the end of product life cycles might be better than nothing, but it tends to be only smoke and mirrors. We cannot afford short-term thinking anymore. Problems have to be tackled at the root — at the design phase of new products and…

Des environnements de travail virtuels centrés sur l’humain pour les petites agences internationales de conseil en entreprise

par la fantastique Maddastic

L’avenir du travail est-il à distance ?

Aujourd’hui, il est possible de travailler ensemble à tout moment et de n’importe où. Les membres d’une équipe sont de plus en plus dispersés et diversifiés et n’ont plus besoin de travailler dans le même lieu ou le même fuseau horaire en raison de la globalisation des organisations et de l’évolution des technologies, des styles de travail, des valeurs et des comportements. La pandémie mondiale de Covid-19 a obligé de nombreuses personnes à pratiquer le travail à distance et a accéléré la digitalisation. Il est probable qu’il devienne encore plus courant à l’avenir en raison de son impact positif sur…

Human-centred virtual work environments for small international business consultancies

by the fantastic Maddastic

Is the future of work remote?

Nowadays, it is possible to work together anytime from anywhere. Team members are increasingly dispersed and diverse and do not need to work in the same location or time zone anymore due to the globalisation of organisations and the evolution of technologies, workstyles, values and behaviours. The Covid-19 global pandemic forced many people to practise remote work and eventually boosted digitalisation. It is likely to become even more commonplace in the future because of its positive impact on productivity, existing technological, natural and social resources. It becomes dominant because it enables distant employees to collaborate together, reduces costs, and because…

Une gestion de projets centrée sur l’humain dans une perspective de conseil

par la fantastique Maddastic

Parlez à votre client et écoutez-le. Vraiment.

“L’une des formes les plus sincères de respect est en fait d’écouter ce que l’autre a à dire.” — Bryant H. McGill

Puisque “le client est roi”, l’un des objectifs ultimes est de rendre les clients heureux respectivement de comprendre leurs besoins et de répondre à leurs attentes. Il n’est pas si facile de capter ce que les clients désirent, surtout lorsqu’ils ne le savent même pas parfois eux-mêmes. Cependant, en tant que consultant ou chef de projet, il fait partie de la mission de saisir les besoins, ou du moins d’essayer de comprendre la perception des parties prenantes d’un…

A human-centric way of managing projects from a consulting perspective

by the fantastic Maddastic

Talk to your customer & listen. Really.

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” — Bryant H. McGill

Since “client is king”, one of the ultimate goals is to make customers happy respectively to understand their needs and to fulfil their expectations. It is not so easy to capture what clients desire, especially when they sometimes do not even know themselves. However, as a consultant or project manager, it is part of the mission to grasp needs, or at least try to understand the perception of the stakeholders of a given context. With an empathic and critical…

These allies at work and at home

by the fantastic Maddastic

First things first

In recent years, emotional intelligence has been in the spotlight and is publicly gaining prominence. This concept is not so old because it was recognised only in 1990 by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer.
This principle refers to “the ability to recognise, understand and control one’s own emotions and to deal with the emotions of others”. According to Peter Salovey and John Mayer, it has two main dimensions. The first, “experiential”, is the ability to distinguish, handle and react to emotional information without necessarily understanding it. …

Ces alliées au travail comme à la maison

par la fantastique Maddastic

Commençons par le commencement

Depuis quelques années, l’intelligence émotionnelle est sous les projecteurs et prend publiquement une certaine ampleur. Ce concept n’est pas si vieux, car il a été reconnu qu’en 1990 par les psychologues Peter Salovey et John Mayer.

Ce principe se réfère à “la capacité de reconnaître, comprendre et maîtriser ses propres émotions et à composer avec les émotions des autres personnes”. Selon Peter Salovey et John Mayer, elle comporte deux dimensions principales. La première, “expérientielle”, est la capacité à distinguer et à manier l’information émotionnelle ainsi qu’à y réagir sans forcément la comprendre. …

Accordons-nous le droit d’être socialement sélectifs.

Illustré par la talentueuse Maddastic

Encerclons-nous de gens qui veulent nous voir grandir

Il est impossible de faire plaisir à tout le monde et il est naturel de ne pas s’entendre avec tout le monde. Heureusement, car sinon le monde serait insipide. Cela dit, il est important d’être bienveillant et respectueux le plus possible jusqu’à un certain point. Cependant, il n’est pas nécessaire de se forcer à maintenir une relation. Il y a des personnes avec qui nous ne sommes pas compatibles. Il y a probablement beaucoup de gens qui ne nous aiment pas non plus, et c’est très bien ainsi. Nous concevons notre environnement en fonction…

Let us grant ourselves the right to be socially selective.

Illustrated by the talented Maddastic

Surrounding ourselves by people who want to see us grow

Pleasing everyone is impossible and it is natural not to get along with everyone. Fortunately, because otherwise, the world would be so insipid. Having said that, being kind and respectful is a must to a certain extent. However, there is no need to force ourselves to maintain a relationship. There are people with whom we are not compatible. There are probably plenty of people who do not like us either and it is totally fine. We design our surrounding depending on our mindset, values, and life path. Therefore, certain people…

Definition & other impressions

Elemásele Studio

Entrepreneurs are adventurous and imaginative people that are not scared to question the status-quo and to take action according to their vision. They make their ambitions and dreams a reality. It requires to trust their guts but also a great deal of work to reach their objective, but it seems natural and worthwhile as they do it for themselves.

The entrepreneurs are usually hard-working, passionate, visionary and rebellious in a way. They can be seen as creative businessmen/women. They are good at recognising opportunities and designing an innovative business out of it. Once they have an objective in mind, they…


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